Short Courses & Workshops

Extension workshop participants attend a hands-on demonstration in the USDA inspected processing plant during SALUMI 101.

The MSABD Extension program delivers stakeholder (meat industry, youth, and consumer) programming to meet short and long-term needs by disseminating science-based knowledge and information via several different channels:

  • In-state: Extension programming is created and administered to/for WI-based stakeholders for supporting the viability and growth of the WI industry.
  • Out-of-state: Extension programming opportunities that benefit the entire meat industry are made available for national/international audiences.
  • Custom tailored: Learning objective driven programs are created for specific purposes for advancing the field of meat science globally (e.g. Master Meat Crafter program) or locally (specific company training workshops).

MSABD Extension, in cooperation with other partners and agencies offers various workshops and trainings that include:

  • Basic HACCP Training: The basic HACCP training course will discuss the principles of HACCP, development of HACCP plans and programs, and implementation including new USDA, FSIS regulations. This program is consistent with the intent and scope of the USDA, FSIS regulation. This course is designed for individuals with little or no knowledge of HACCP and those who would like a refresher on HACCP to learn about recent regulatory changes and developments.
  • Advanced HACCP Training: Occurring every-other year, Advanced HACCP Training is offered to those who have previous experience working with HACCP systems, are currently working in a food safety management role, or are interested in gaining a deeper understanding of HACCP.
  • Food Safety & Meat Microbiology School: Attendees will learn from industry and academia experts about pertinent topics impacting your food safety systems and the safety of your products. Topics will include microbiology, sanitation programs, facility design, thermal processing and ingredients/new technologies, to name a few.
  • Fresh Meats School: This workshop is only available for Master Meat Crafter graduates or employees of those affiliated with the Master Meat Crafter program. Instructors and experts from industry and academia will teach various topics of fresh meat processing including the chemistry of fresh meats, and meat fabrication; as well as technologies including enhanced product and fresh sausage manufacture.
  • Meat Curing School: This workshop is only available for Master Meat Crafter graduates or currently enrolled in the program. The Meat Curing School takes an in depth approach to understanding the important principles of meat curing.
  • Wisconsin Food Safety Summit: This seminar addresses current topics in food safety featuring speakers from the USDA, FSIS, the meat industry, and from the University of Wisconsin – Madison.
  • Wisconsin Meat Processing School: Participants will learn the practical science and art of sausage-making & meat curing from a team of  University instructors, supplier specialists, and award-winning  “wurstmachers”. Instructors teach the principles of meat processing at a basic, applied level and information is aimed at operators who have small to moderate amounts of meat curing and sausage-making experience.

When workshops are scheduled, they will be listed in the top right section of this page.