With deep gratitude and appreciation to the State of Wisconsin and our generous partners who made this new facility possible. We begin this new chapter in meat science and animal biologics because of this strong partnership, steady championship and belief in a vision to be the best. Thank you!


American Foods Group
Associated Bank of Green Bay
Badger Meat Science Club
Beaver Dam Processing LLC
Becker Food Company Inc
Bettcher Industries
BMO Harris
Cher-Make Sausage Company
Compeer Financial
Country Fresh Meats
Country Pride Meats Inc
Crescent Meats and Catering
Custom Meats of Marathon
Dane County Pork Producers
Denmark State Bank
Dobbins Run Farm
Eden Meat Market
Falls Meat Service Inc
Family Farms Inc
Geiss Meat Service LLC
Glenn’s Market and Catering Inc
GNP Company/Pilgrim’s
Haen Meat Packing Inc
Handtmann Inc
Hawkins Inc
Hoesly’s Meats Inc
Island City Best LLC
Johnsonville Sausage LLC
Jones Dairy Farm
JP Cullen and Sons Inc
Karl’s Country Market
Karls Livestock and Grain Farms
Kemin Food Technologies Inc
Kenosha Beef International Ltd
Kerres USA LLC
Kerry – The Taste and Nutrition Company
Klement Sausage Company Inc
Kraft Heinz
Lake Geneva Country Meats Inc
LeRoy Meats of Horicon
Lodi Sausage Company
Louie’s Finer Meats Inc
M3 Insurance Solutions Inc
MacFarlane Pheasant Farm
Maplewood Meats
Mar-Co Sales Inc
Marlen International
Mekong Fresh Meats Inc
Multivac Inc
Natural Casing Company
Newton Meats Inc
Northwoods Locker LLC
Nueske’s Applewood Smoked Meats
Organic Valley Cropp Cooperative
OSI Group Foundation
Peroutka’s Meat Processing LLC
PMJ Farm Service LLC
Powis Corporation
Poly-clip System
Pond-Hill Processing
Powis Corporation
Prem Meats
PRIMEdge Inc
Pro Smoker/Vortron Smokehouses
PS Seasoning
Quality Cut Meats
Red Arrow Products Company LLC
Richland Locker Co Inc
RJ’s Meats and Groceries
Sailer’s Meat Market
Salm Partners
Sani-Matic Inc
Scott Pec Inc
Simply Manufacturing
Smithfield Foods
Straka Meats
TemPac LLC
The Honey-Baked Ham Company LLC
The Meat Block LLC
UltraSource LLC
Usinger Foundation Inc
Van Hessen USA
VC999 Packaging Systems
Vita Plus Corporation
Von Ruden’s Meat Processing LLC
Weber’s Processing Plant Inc
Westby Locker and Meats
Western Wisconsin Beef Producers
Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation
Wisconsin Association Meat Processors Inc
Wisconsin Beef Council
Wisconsin Livestock and Meat Council
Wisconsin Pork Association
Wisconsin Poultry and Egg Industries Association
Wisconsin Sheep Breeders Cooperative
Wixon Inc
World Champion Meats LLC

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Elton and Carrie Aberle
Fernando and Carla Alvarado
Andrew E. and Diane Anderson
Chad and Kim Anderson
David and Carol Anderson
Bruce Armstrong
Stephen S. and Barbara U. Becker
Wendy Bedale and Duane Kaufman
Paul Beere
Donald H. Beermann
Bilig Bater
B. John Bogdanoff
Lisa Borzynski and William Cooper
Ben and Gail Brancel
Edith G. Brandt
Robert W. Bray
Mark Breseman and Jane Hillstrom
Lindsay Hansen Brown
James and Rachel Budde
Tawny Chandler
Derek and Rachael Christiansen
Colleen Christensen
Jim and Susan Claus
Katherine Collins
Charles Cook
Philip Craker
Wallace Cutler
Ronald Dalrymple
Jessica M. Daul
Michael and Susan Dettmann
Mike D. Doney
David Downs
Matthew M. Drewry
Karl and Ruth Drye
Chen Du
Andrea Engebretson
Eric and Jane Englund
Jay Englund
Dr. Jon Englund
Mary Exner
Patrick Fitzgibbons
Briana and Michael Froseth
Kerry Furlong
Deane and Joan Galloway
Fred and Deb Gay
Kathleen and Reuben Glass
David Golz
Marion and Marilyn Greaser
Derek J. Groniger
Alan B. Gunderson
Robert F. Gundlach
Baxter and Suanne Gutknecht
John and Donna Hansen
Lynn and Pat Harrison
Perry J. Haugen
Marcy and Kenneth Heim
Wendy and Jon Heise
Dean J. Hessler
Arthur Hilker
Phil and Ginger Hinderaker
Donald Huber
Craig Huth
Jennifer L. Johnson
Ray and Frances Johnson
Philip and Denice Jones
Megan and Ken Jordan
David Jorgenson
Perry Kaiser
John A. Kane
Dan and MaryEllen Karls
Edwin O. Kinnunen
William E. Kramlich
Mark Kreul
Carl Kuehne
Thomas J. La Plant
Ambrose I. Landmark
Steven and Susan Larson
John F. Lawinger
The Leahy Family
Charles D. Linssen
John Lonergan
Michael Loomis
Kay Maas
Harlan Mack
Janet A. Mallon
Margaret McInnis

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Megan McGough
Andrea McGowan
Steven and Jan Merry
James A. Meyer
Andrew and Kathlyn Milkowski
Nadine and Sam Miller
Robert and Vivian Miller
Zen Miller
Paul Mleziva
Louis K. Muench
Brooke Mulvaney and Chad Uelmen
Gary and Mary Nelsestuen
Forrest and Emily Nielsen
Dorothy A. Niemuth
Irvin T. Omtvedt
Joseph and Debra Parajecki
John and Joan Parrish
Nancy and Kenneth Paul
Kathleen S. Pearce
James Peterson
Jean A. Petri
Marcelo Pineyro
Morgan Pittz
Jonathan M. Pleitner
Jane M. Pohlman
Jessica Powell
Linda and Warren Procci
Seth Pulsfus
Susan G. Quam
Richard Reams
Mark P. Richards
Nathan Rinehart
Glenn Roberts
Max Rothschild
Thomas Rowntree
Robert and Dorothy Rust
Jim Rutledge
Margaret Sage
Christopher and Susan Salm
Gregory Sambs
Lauren Sammel
Daniel M. and Gail Schaefer
John P. Schermerhorn
Rochelle and Evan Schnadt
Joseph G. Sebranek
Pam A. Severson and Donald D. Bigelow
James and Deborah Sexton
Jeremy and Amanda Shecterle
Jeffrey Sindelar
Russell F. Skewes
James H. Springer
Evan J. Stachowicz
William E. Stanger
Irvin A. and Judith D. Steinhauer
Gale Strasburg
David J. Stute
Matthew and Stephanie Terns
Megan A. Tews
Mark C. Thieleke
Deane and Nancy Thomas
Robert Tramburg
Innocent O. Ukabam
Frederick D. Usinger
Kathryn VandenBosch and Thomas Frantz
Michael D. Van Ess
Wayne and Elaine Van Ess
Karean Van Ess Wagner
Steven and Bonnie Van Lannen
Cedric and Margaret Veum
The Vorpagel Family
David Wade
Richard Waldman
James A. Walsh
Robert Weyker
Jodi and Doug Wickham
Ernest Wiesen and Audray Schaefer Wiesen
Kris Wolf
Terry and Thomas Wolf
Mamoru Yamaguchi and Carol Cochrane
Heidi Zoerb
Scott Zimmerman